And Then What Happened???

Well, I’ll tell ya.

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It seems I’ve been doing this online dating thing all wrong, because since I mentioned I’m talking to someone, I’ve had more attention from men than ever before.

Just think: if only I’d said I was talking to someone, I might not have spent my birthday or New Year’s Eve alone. I could have been out on dates. Men I met in person might have shown more interest in me.

I could have taken it even further and bought a cheap engagement ring. That would have really reeled them in.

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Sure, none of these guys would have hung around for long, but so what? We’d have had some fun, and I could’ve used each of them as fodder for finding the next one.

Anyway, if things go south with Dan, I’m gonna give it a try. Got a cheap engagement ring you’re not using? Give me a holler.


15 thoughts on “And Then What Happened???

  1. Isn’t that weird? An old roommate of mine said he got hit on by more women when he wore a wedding ring than after he divorced. What’s that line from Desperado? “You only want the ones you can’t get.”

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