The Promise of Spring

Spring is coming soon to North Alabama.

Honestly I don’t remember what these are. Maybe crocus?

Last fall I planted a bunch of flower bulbs and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor. I also thinned out a bed of daylilies and relocated some.

Yesterday it was 70 outdoors. During my lunch break and after work I weeded beds and cut back the knockout rose bushes to prepare them for hopefully another robust year.


I’m as giddy as a little kid when I walk around the yard to see what’s happened since the last time I was out there. Molly is frustrated with me because she doesn’t want to go see if there’s another tulip popping up out of the ground. She wants to walk down the street and smell other dogs’ pee. So we compromise and do both.

Gardening gives me hope when I don’t otherwise seem to have much of the stuff. I’ve already grown tired of The Guy. He’s not much on communication and for someone like me, communication is vital. I told him earlier this week I didn’t think we were what the other was looking for. He asked me to not give up yet, and I agreed, mostly because I’m lonely. But nothing changed. So I’ve decided to quit feeding it and let it starve to death.

Spring offers hope when little else can.

Once Molly recovered from her surgery we were back at square one. She’s started toileting in the floor again. I’m keeping her confined to her room (playpen) more often. She doesn’t like it, but she mostly sleeps anyway, and with me at home we’re able to take several walks a day. The last few mornings I’ve wakened to find she’s also peed in the room, so I’m going to try diapers at night. I bought some but they’re too small, so I’m going shopping today to see if I can find some larger ones.

I’m also looking for Fortiflora for Hissy Fit Jones. His colon has been inflamed and his poop runny and stinky. We went to the vet and I administered a round of metronidazole and probiotics. It helped some but he was still runny, so they gave him a steroid shot a couple weeks ago. After a bit of continued improvement we are back at square one with him also. He actually managed to splatter poop up the wall yesterday. If only that were an Olympic sport.


I confess to you that I am tired of dealing with all this. I am tired of cleaning up poop and pee off the floor and laundering cat beds that Hissy has used as litter boxes. The vet tried to tell me his problem was nerves, and maybe it is, but when I asked for tests to be done they saw how inflamed his colon was. You don’t heal that shit with meditation and yoga.

I hope I soon find a vet that I feel comfortable with. So far they all seem as petty as the doctors around here. If you’re a woman, it must be something you’re doing wrong. It’s all in your head. You’re crazy.

One day we will smash the Patriarchy. I wish I could live to see that day, and watch these wormy bastards slither into the ground where they belong.

But for now, the promise of spring will have to suffice.


13 thoughts on “The Promise of Spring

  1. Aww. Feeling you on the poop thing. There is great reward in knowing we will do whatever for our fur family members to keep them around for a while longer. Winston got like that and couldn’t seem to control it. When I had to stay with my mother, my husband couldn’t deal so I was going back and forth between houses. Sometimes I think I would put up with poop to have him, Bob, and Freedom back. But then, it’s not the right time to add furbabies when I’m running to work and between houses to watch my mother and keep my husband verticle. Your reward will be soon inthe happy furry face of a healthy pet. And remember the other animals–men– they don’t think like us, read our minds, and are clueless to hints. We have to say exactly what we want them to know and in simple terms. Poor things. If he still doesn’t get it, then he’s not trying. As we used to say in the 70s; “Keep truckin’.”

  2. It’s still cold here but we can see the first signs of Spring. Our snowdrops are in bloom. They lift my spirits. I love to wander aound looking to see what is coming to life again!

    I hope you get some improvement on the pee and poop front soon.

  3. I had a cat with runny diarrhea her entire life. All 12 years of it. Sometimes it was in the litter box but sometimes she didn’t make it and there were 6 to 10 poop splotches to be cleaned up. One time it was on an area rug. I just threw it out! At the end she died of a massive abdominal tumor. I wondered if that had anything to do with it and how long she had had that.

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