Should I paint the walls light blue,
or should I choose a brighter hue?
Should I clean, or work outside?
Would Molly enjoy a short car ride?

Is leftover chili for breakfast ok?
Can I find a different way
to think about the way things are?
I remember dancing at the Maple Leaf Bar.

Random thoughts inside my head,
arbitrary musings that bled 
between the hateful voices saying
I am ugly, otiose, and lazy.

A never-ending task: ablation
of the cruel indoctrination 
of self-loathing in a child
whose heart was strong and pure and wild. 

Today proposes that I see
the loveliness that is me.
Unkind thoughts I’ll counter-strike
and tell them to go take a hike. 
Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

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