I’ve Seen it All Before…

Putin is the bully of the third grade class,
pulling Ukraine’s hair, laughing at her tears.
Every day he steals the money for her lunch.
Yes, teacher knows, but doesn’t really care.
Teacher thinks that Ukraine is a whiny bitch 
that oughtta keep her troubles to herself.
Besides, that Vlad Putin is a real nice kid
and he looks like a cute little elf. 

Putin is a preacher of a mega-church,
calling all to come and join together
to worship at the feet of Wall Street Jesus.
He commands pillage of Ukraine’s nether
resources so that he may spread the word 
that Jesus loves power and money.
He wants Putin running things 'whole world over.
So Ukraine, time to give it up, honey. 

Ukraine is a woman in a short, red skirt
heading out to the club on a whim. 
Putin is a selfish man who won’t take no
for an answer. Who’s gonna make him?
Passers-by who witness the bloody attack
will say she did nothing untoward. 
Meanwhile Putin’s lawyers paint her as a whore
who got all she was asking for and more. 
Judge will rule while technically it is a crime
to breach her bound’ries without consent,
Putin as the leader of the New World Order 
means Ukraine must stand down and relent.

Despite the fact we call ourselves civilized, 
smarter than the apes or the dolphins,
we’re little more than dung beetles gath’ring shit
to eat, hoard, fuck around and play in. 
Photo by Santiago Sauceda Gonzu00e1lez on Pexels.com

12 thoughts on “I’ve Seen it All Before…

  1. Poisoning opposition leaders, murdering journalists, suppress populations, invading Ukraine, violently breaking up peaceful demonstrations… Welcome to the world of a pathological liar, dictator and war criminal.

  2. Some politicians’ doublespeak can be explained by where their finances have been coming from. London is awash with Russian money.

    1. There’s a lot of that money ties up in real estate (among other things) here in the US also. There’s still that thing where a bunch of politicians went to Russia on our Independence Day , and we were never told why that happened.

  3. Yes, good post!
    Putin reminds me of the former president who never met a shit hole he didn’t like – but somehow making “shinola” out of it.
    I stand with Ukraine.

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