I’m digging in the dirt
cuz I like the way it feels
when it’s moist and gritty
and it gets up in my nails.
I like to pull the weeds
and watch my flowers grow.
Been digging in the dirt
all my life, ya know.

Was digging when was little
making sense of all the mess.
Digging holes and trenches,
leaving mud stains on my dress.
Digging was the one thing
that I couldn’t do wrong.
I was outside out of her way.
I felt safe and alone.

My childhood I kept trying hard
to make things be ok.
It’s only now I recognize
that nothing I could say
or do would have pleased
She Who Must Be Pleased
because her pleasure came
from hurting and belittling me.

Today I dig in the dirt
because I love to see
the efforts of my hard work
blooming in front of me.
Even when I get it wrong
it somehow seems ok.
That’s how I show my inner child
she’s much-loved today.

14 thoughts on “Digging

  1. Love this and especially at the end with the image about dirt … I have always loved the smell of dirt and know I can see why with it being a serotonin booster … ✨

  2. I’m working on my garden today. Moving my seedlings into bigger pots and into the window sills while I plant new seeds sunder the grow light. It won’t be safe to plant them outdoors here until Mother’s Day. Since our growing season is so short, they need a head start. I can’t believe you have flowers already! I hated gardening as a child, but I’m finally taking to it .

  3. I love this poem, Jen. It will be time for us to do our spring planting soon, too. There most certainly is something cathartic and wonderful about digging in the soil. Hugs!

  4. I find gardening therapeutic, it lifts my spirits. It was good to learn the science behind liking the smell of dirt.

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