Who knew the word “we”
could be
the beginning of the end
of solidarity?
A dangerous word
to be heard?
How absurd!
It’s all in how
you allow
to plow
right through
those that do
not wish to
align with you.
How can we
Are we our own
worst enemy?
Must you berate,
pass laws
that subjugate
“Them?” Don’t you see
the “Them” is we,
or has your anger
made you blind to the
we face once
the agenda you push
steals from us
the very rights
you claim to fight
for? Is it only when
they give the Last Rites
to democracy
that your deity
again becomes Jesus
instead of money?
Maybe then you'll be
content to see
not an enemy,
but us as “we.”

Dynamic Earth – Winds by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

7 thoughts on “We

  1. Division, anger, hatred – some make it their life’s work. But for what? More money? More power? Are they happy? Are they capable of happiness?

  2. It is so difficult to come to terms with degenerate things happening today, after growing up in the 70s & 80s with an optimism instilled by what seemed then like calm in juxtaposition to storms of the past. I feel the frustration.

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