A Meditation for Buffalo

Oh, Buffalo,
how fortunate that you
have suffered acceptable losses; 
your children died 
so we can live free -
though the same can’t be said
of cell masses the
Catholics and Christians
intend to force women to carry
in order to repopulate empty pews.

Ah, but I digress. 
You will bring so many people to Jesus
once the NRA proclaims the Satanic Portal 
will brainwash Biden
into taking away White men’s guns.

You’ll raise lots of money
for PACs and politicians -
of both parties, I might add.
Their thoughts, prayers 
and demands for action 
are little more
than pleas for donations. 
Few politicians truly want
gun reform, 
but they all want to be re-elected. 

Through death your community has given new life 
to the fledgling bots, trolls,
and lobbyists hired to argue 
for the cause. 

The underpaid Instacart shoppers 
and other gig workers are grateful
you are afraid to leave your home;
now they can earn a pittance while 
risking their lives to line white men's pockets.

The money that’s raised 
to pay for the funerals
and medical bills 
will quickly deplete, 
but don’t sound ungrateful!
That few thousand dollars
isn’t meant to replace
the loved one you lost. 
Nothing ever could.
And for those that did not die, 
money could never cover
the cost of the changes
you're going through.

The throngs of media
who profit from your pain
by asking dumb questions
will soon depart
to cover a wildfire,
tornado, or
perhaps another massacre.
After all, our attention span is short.

Don't judge us all by
the shit show
surrounding you.
Many of us ache for your loss,
and sit with you as you mourn.

12 thoughts on “A Meditation for Buffalo

    1. Here there is a pattern in the media whenever there’s a disaster such as at Buffalo. First there is “Breaking News.” Next, the number dead, because the number of deaths impacts the shock value. Next is name the shooter(s). Name the victims comes the next day as do the stories of heroes, survivors, and the impact on people in the community. By then there’s likely another story to jump on.

  1. Looking in from the outside, it seems unbelievable that the pro-gun lobby will say that guns don’t kill people do and then defend the right of every angry, troubled, young man to carry a lethal weapon.

  2. It’s hard to ‘like’ this post…another day, another mass shooting in America. How is it that guns and other’s rights are acceptable and the norm? Where did we turn into a country where guns, greed and power to abject subjugate are the foundation of society?

    1. We always were this way, but the internet made it more pronounced. Don’t forget, we still glamorize mafia massacres, criminals like Bonnie and Clyde, and Wild West gunslingers.

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