Uvalde’s Children

I’m sorry I cannot cry
for you. I’ve tried,
but the tears won’t come.
Each of you another one
of those acceptable losses
that fearful men embrace
because they refuse to face
their selfish cruelty.
If only we dared annihilate
all this hate,
could we have changed your fate?

As I write these words
the tired old arguments heard
after every mass shooting
are already heating up.
In a few days the NRA
will parade
its’ bought and paid for politicians
a few hundred miles away.
Each will say
they care, and they do,
but not about you.

Nineteen tiny caskets.
Twenty-one massacred.
Others injured.
Blood was everywhere.
There will be counselors at schools.
Prayers. Lots of prayers,
but will anything be done?
Have we finally had enough?
Jeff Koterba cartoon for January 10, 2013 “Guns”

12 thoughts on “Uvalde’s Children

  1. It’s tragic, in the fullest sense of an over used word.

    The pro-gun lobby have so much power.

      1. I think it’s because they are bullies and cowards that go after those weaker than themselves. They probably think they are brave and macho.

      1. That part makes me so sick. There is absolutely no reason to be selling a weapon that can obliterate. No reason. Period.

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