A Cool, Dark Place

This is not how I planned today would go.

I was applying for a job and needed some information about my Certified Fraud Examiner credential, so I logged into the ACFE website and wouldn’t you know, under my personal information I noticed that my mailing address had been changed to that of the alleged fraudster. Wait, isn’t ACFE supposed to fight fraud? Why are they enabling it?

To their credit, there was a mail hold so nothing was sent there, but they didn’t notify me about the address change. Neither did Synchrony Bank, with whom I have two credit accounts. My CareCredit account has the correct address. The Ashley Furniture account did not. When I manually changed the address to the correct one, I received this email, but nary a peep when they changed it to the fraudulent one. Why?

I learned about the Ashley change when I logged into the Credit Reporting agencies to refreeze my accounts. I also checked my credit reports and saw the fraudulent address listed on all three. TransUnion and Equifax allowed me to file a dispute online. Experian made me call in and when I did informed me I could not file a dispute because two credit card companies – Kohl’s (account’s been closed 2 years) and Ashley Furniture (zero balance for 3 years) had reported the fraudulent address as my current mailing address. I called Synchony about the Ashley account but their customer service reps (I ended up talking to 3 of them) were useless, and one accused me of changing the address to the fraudulent one myself. That’s when I told them to close the account. Interestingly enough, Experian is all gung-ho to talk to me now that I tweeted about how I was treated by their folks this morning, but I know they only want to shut me up so I no longer call them out publicly. You know, like I’m doing here.

I am sick and tired of being treated like an idiot, or, even worse, a criminal, because of something I had no part of. The post office blames me for having a name similar to my mother and takes no responsibility for repeatedly losing my mail. I have asked every company I’ve contacted by phone why they changed my mailing address without notifying me and none of them give a decent answer. Some deny they did it, like Synchrony. Some say they got the info from USPS, but that doesn’t explain why I wasn’t notified of the change.

This has been going on for over TWO YEARS people, and I am tired. I am angry. I am frustrated. And despite what my counselor says, I see no end in sight. I am driving deep into Tennessee tomorrow to rent a Post Office Box. My hope is that at least then these idiots at the local office in Athens won’t be forwarding my mail to an address where I’ve never lived because they won’t get their lazy hands on any of it. No, it isn’t fair I have to do this, but as with every situation in life, the only person I can count on to do right by me is me, and this is the best I’ve come up with.

from You Deserve Nice Things adult coloring book by Kate Allan (The Latest Kate)
A Cool, Dark Place

This forever climbing mountains 
makes me tired. 
I’ve barely spanned one 
when another appears,
seemingly out of nowhere.
I didn’t ask for this job,
and despite what I’ve been told 
it don’t seem to pay shit.

Observing others 
struggle with molehills, 
cheered on by peers,
while alone I scale 
these jagged peaks,
using only bleeding fingers 
and bare feet, 
and jeered in the process,
feels like a slap in the face. 

There are days I want
to don my gloves
and beat the living shit
out of every person 
who has wronged me.
But sometimes 
I long to let go 
and surrender
to the valley 
where I would lie quietly 
in a cool, dark place 
until I die. 

25 thoughts on “A Cool, Dark Place

  1. The USPS is run by idiots. Several years ago, I moved and went to pick up my forwarded mail. There was a document that I needed. On the envelope,it said do not write on envelope, but some dimwit wrote my name and address on it. Thankfully,it did not go through to the document.

    1. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, would you please retweet @FineMellowFella when he posts complaints about this. There is strength in numbers and I need your help in order to be heard. Thank you.

    1. If you have a Twitter account, would you please retweet @FineMellowFella when he posts complaints about this. There is strength in numbers and I need your help in order to be heard. Thank you.

    1. If you have a Twitter account I’d appreciate it if you would please retweet @FineMellowFella when he posts complaints about this. There is strength in numbers and I need your help in order to be heard. Thank you.

  2. This is dreadful. They shouldn’t change the address so easily after there have been problems. I’m guessing that if this person phones in the change they know enough to answer all the standard security questions. Have the police been involved?

    We’ve had parcels from America a few times and they have arrived with no problems, except the time it was something fairly bulky and was sent by USPS. We were living in Spain at the time. They said 6 – 8 weeks. After 10 we were worried and tried to chase it up. Eventually it arrived. It was a good job it was bulky. There was writing and stamps all over it. It had been to almost every state in America. Each state then suggested another one to try. Until someone had eventually written in thick red pen something to the effect that Spain, Europe is outside of America, send it abroad! It really was incredible. I wish I’d taken photographs.

    I think the original issue was that the Spanish sort code matched an American one and so it was automatically sent to that location. But then it passed through lots of hands before someone actually read the address!

    1. If you have a Twitter account would you please retweet @FineMellowFella when he posts complaints about this. There is strength in numbers and I need your help in order to be heard. Thank you.

  3. Sheesh, what a colossal cluster!t’s bad enough being the victim of fraud but the insult to injury by companies making you jump through hoops to correct is like being victimized again. So sorry. I

  4. Ugh. This has been such an ongoing nightmare for you. I’m so sorry. No one would have to go through this. And your expressive poetry deserves a happier subject.

    I did credit counseling for someone who experienced the same thing as you. And she could not get anyone to believe her–but there was one solution she was unwilling to take: filing a police report against her mother who stole her identity. That stupid bit of paperwork taken down by a police officer is the only thing companies will take seriously. And it can be the only thing that convinces them that you’re not participating in the fraud yourself.

    My client just would not do this (it had worked for other clients who did). So if you haven’t filed a police report yet, please do. I know it can make things worse for you personally. But it may be the only way to get the attention of the companies involved. And yes, I will try to log into my Twitter today to see if I can tweet your complaints.

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