Bathroom Bills

The irony of bathroom bills,
which claim to keep those spaces safe,
is that bathrooms were never safe.
I hid in a closet, clenching
my sphincter with three-year-old strength,
to keep from having to go there.
A trans woman in the next stall?
How about mean girls making fun
of the other women inside?
Mothers who allow their young child
to peek beneath the partitions,
invading others’ privacy?
And why do restroom stalls have gaps
between wall and floor, at the door,
if not to invite intrusion?
Why do stalls meant for those of us
with disabilities always
seem neglected and not working?
Why is the stall that’s publicly
visible when the door opens
the only one available,
and why is its door gap widest?
Why are there no soap or towels?
I need to wash my hands, dammit!

Why do people spot the trans folks
in there, but not the cis folks who
actually molest children?

With so many public restroom
problems, why do we make up more?
Photo by Hafidz Alifuddin on

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Bills

  1. As someone who suffers from IBS, I relate to all of this. I know all the places with the clean restrooms and all the places that are not. Small pizza places are the worst with a unisex room. The seat is always up and there is always pee on the floor. Bad aim? I have already been denied access because “it’s only for employees” yet you want me to spend money there. Don’t mind trans. Just let common sense reign.

    1. I was thinking of the horrid single access restrooms as I traveled earlier this week for work. I want a clean, safe, stocked restroom. And now I have to check for hidden cameras too. Ugh!

  2. It can be a real nightmare. Locks that don’t work when you can’t quite reach the door! Lights on a timer that don’t give enough time to achieve what you’re in there for.

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