He’s a little blonde dog that shows up now and then on my doorbell camera. Folks in the local Facebook group tell me he’s been roaming the area for years. Many have tried to help him, but he’s terrified of humans. He will, however, seek the company of other dogs as often as possible.

from my Blink camera

Last night he came to me in a dream. He smiled and thanked me for caring, and for leaving food out for him. I told him I’ve been there, and maybe I still am, so I get it.

This morning he showed up on my doorbell camera and I dared say hello. He immediately took off down the street.

My inner child drew the dog.

I’m sorry someone hurt you, little guy. I hope one day you find a life that offers comfort and love. And I hope I do as well.

In my dream he smiled,
thanked me for caring.
But now he runs off,
in no way daring
to let me love him.
Solo’s all he’s known 
for so many years,
now he stays alone.
Dysfunction binds us
to what we abhor
until we can choose
to stay there no more. 

10 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. He’s been roaming the area for years? I cried as I read that. It’s heartbreaking.

    Thank you, dear Jen, for caring about that little one. As you wrote, I wonder what happened to make that innocent so scared of those who could help him.

    1. I have thought the same, especially when I’d learned several people have gone above and beyond to help the guy. My hope is I get him coming regular to eat and eventually trap him. It may be his best hope.

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