I forgive no one
who ever harmed me
and is not sorry
for having done so.

I forgive no one 
who kicked me while down
because it was fun,
and when I complained
said I deserved it.

I forgive no one 
who benefitted
financially by
selling me snake oil
when I sought a cure.

I don't forgive the 
therapists claiming
to help me, who blamed
me and labeled me
treatment resistant.

I do not forgive
God and his minions
who offered relief
in return for my
money and my soul.

In fact, the only
person I forgive
for causing me pain
and denying me 
happiness is me. 

To be clear, I am 
still angry about
how they treated me,
but I no longer 
let it rule my life. 

10 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. “Treatment resistant” – I suppose they were too arrogant to even consider that they weren’t getting it right?

  2. Forgiving isn’t for them, but for you. You will feel lighter and happier if you’re not holding on to grudges.
    F* them, and you don’t have to forget, but it could serve you well if you can let go…

    1. Oh look! Another person who thinks they know better than me what I need! Riddle me this: would you tell a Holocaust survivor they have to forgive Hitler? And if you would, you scare the hell out of me.

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