Low-Hanging Fruit of a Poison Tree

Persistently Positive Patty
thinks she
can decree
how my life should be.
As does Reverend Robbie.
It’s in the Bible, you see. 
And the self-help hyperbole,
whose many followers agree,
holds the key
to being happy. 
Access it now, only $257.33.

But what if, maybe, 
what’s best for me
is what my intuition tells me,
and not the repartee 
of some Pharisee
cloaked in false superiority?
And could it be
that fake positivity 
is actually 
a malady 
that doesn’t set one free?
What if the TikTok roshi 
holds no sagacity 
and in truth only
fleeces the bourgeoisie?

I hope we can one day agree
that in this sea
of jabberwocky,
the best strategy
is to listen to the 
wisdom held internally
and decline the low-hanging fruit of the 
poison tree. 
Photo by Anton Kudryashov on Pexels.com

8 thoughts on “Low-Hanging Fruit of a Poison Tree

    1. As is today’s fascism: selling racial and national purity using fear and hate. Our former president and one of his minions both went full-on antisemitic within the past week and it seems to be no big deal – not with fellow politicians, the news media, or other religious leaders. In fact, other than a few loudmouths on Twitter, no one seems disturbed by it. Adidas and The Gap still sell the minion’s clothing line and he got a prime time interview on Rupert Murdoch’s news channel here to spout his crap. I refuse to say either’s name.

      1. Fear is a survival instinct we’re born with. Hate is bastardizarion of fear. I hate you because I think you’re taking some sense of safety from me. Both are exploited by others for their own personal gain.

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