Recently I found myself in a checkout line behind a man wearing orange bicycle shorts that accentuated his rather exquisite ass. The whole experience caught me off guard; I’ve not felt desire in months.

I told my counselor about it and she suggested I watch “The Principles of Pleasure,” a three-part documentary series on Netflix. I did, and I highly recommend it

From the series I gleaned I don’t have to meet unrealistic societal standards to deserve pleasure. I don’t have to earn the privilege or wait for another to bestow it upon me. We all deserve pleasure regardless of our circumstances and it’s perfectly fine to give it to ourselves.


Don’t tell me what you’ll do to me.
Don’t say how good it’s gonna be.
Don’t think you’ve got just what I need.
Ask me.

Ask what sets me me all afire
and fills my body with desire.
Do not assume, instead inquire.
Ask me.

Ask where and when and how to touch,
what’s too little, what’s too much.
Let’s strive for bliss instead of clutch.
Ask me.

And lest you think me but a shrew,
prepare to tell me your likes too
because I will be asking you.
Tell me.

We both are wanting for some leisure.
Gave our all, in full measure.
Let’s now experience the pleasure.
Ask me.

11 thoughts on “Pleasure

      1. Whoa, Jen! Calm down. I – for one – never pretended to be pious. After all, I’m a recovering Catholic altar boy. Now I’m slowly turning into a dirty old man. I’ll officially be one after I turn 60 a year from this Saturday. LOL!

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