Customer Reviews No One Cares About

I’ve been doing some shopping around of late.

Not because I like shopping; I don’t. Rather it’s because I’m having issues with companies I’m currently doing business with.

First off, Verizon.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, I contacted customer support because my data wasn’t working. At first they told me there was nothing wrong with their service so it must be something wrong with my phone, but after I started looking carefully I figured the problem was with their 5G network. When I had 5G capability turned on my data worked somewhat when I wasn’t pulling 5G; it wasn’t doing anything when I was. When I contacted Verizon two hours later with what I’d learned, they admitted there was an issue in my area and they were working to rectify it.

On Sunday, October 9th, I contacted them again because I was still having problems. They did some kind of network reset and eventually service improved. The support person I talked with that day told me they would discount my bill because their outage impacted my ability to effectively use my phone for my gig job, and that cost me money. I was told a note was made and I would receive a discount.

On Monday October 24th, I again contacted customer service after receiving my bill and was told that not only was there no note, there would be no discount. And they were rather rude about it. Each time I reached out, it got more and more ridiculous. I finally said fuck it and started looking around. Really my only options are T-Mobile and AT&T. Not happy with either, so I have to choose which one to go with. And yeah, I know Verizon could give a rat’s ass. The feeling is mutual.

Which brings us to Allstate Insurance.

For the handful of people who actually read these posts, you’ll recall my long-running problems with the postal service forwarding my mail to an address not connected to me, even after numerous complaints. I eventually gave up and rented a post office box in Tennessee for the sole reason mail coming to me there would not route through this regional office.

Alas, Safeco Insurance decided to not renew my auto insurance policy because of said post office box (don’t ask me why, because other than the people I dealt with are inept AF, I don’t know). I went shopping for a bundle for my home and car, and chose Allstate.

So cut to the letter I received yesterday from my mortgage holder informing me the Allstate policy did not list them as Loss Payee and until that was fixed, they would not be paying the premium from my escrow account. Today during breaks, lunch and after work I tried to get in contact with someone from Allstate who would help me, but no, that did not happen. When I did finally chat with someone this evening I was told I was wrong, the mortgage holder is the Loss Payee and that’s that.

So now do I keep trying with Allstate, hoping eventually to connect with a support person who can and will help me (this was purchased online so I don’t have a local agent), or do I start shopping for yet another policy?

My sweet diabetic kitty is doing great, thanks to a wonderful Facebook connection who gifted me with funds to help pay for his vet care.

And no, they don’t care. No one does. You don’t care either. You may say you do. You may even think you do. But this is one more time Jen is on her own. The fact you’ve even read this far makes me wonder why. I have been writing long enough to have followers, some of whom monetize their own blogs and like my posts so I will return the favor. Money. Money. Money. It’s all some folks care about.

I have a love/hate relationship with money. I need money and I work my ass off to get it. But that’s to support myself and my furry family, to keep our home, and to ensure our survival on down the line. To me, folks who worship printed paper, metal disks, or computer code are as ridiculous as those who worship the characters in the big book of fairy tales.

Now piss off. I have more shopping to do.

5 thoughts on “Customer Reviews No One Cares About

  1. It’s frustrating dealing with companies when you have an issue anymore. In the ‘misery loves company category,’ just know AT&T isn’t any better than Verizon. I suspect T-Mobile is probably the same. Sigh.

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