It’s a Kitty-Cat Christmas!

If you’re a cat person, you know for years pet industry dollars have gone to the dogs, while cats were marketed the same old catnip toys. Bah humbug!

As in years past, several marketing firms reached out asking me to share their holiday gift guide for pets. Should’ve called them gift guides for dogs because that’s all it was. When I pushed back, they assured me the grooming glove could be used with cats.

Right, because every kitty wants a grooming glove from Santa.

Cheer up, cats and kittens! There’s all sorts of cool stuff out there for you if you know where to look. First, a disclaimer: I’m not being paid to showcase any of these items. I’m sharing because we’re all in the mood for something different.

Can we talk about Inaba’s fantastic Churu cat treats? Yeah, they make dog treats too. So?

I started seeing Churu in Walmart months ago but knew nothing about them until my vet suggested I try them with Miss Biddy to encourage her to eat more. She devours them! The other cats also go nuts for them. Even the ferals love them. When’s the last time your multi-cat household agreed on one kind of treat? Churu offers a variety of treats, including lickable purées and gelees, soft chews, and rolls. Their treats are packaged in a way that allows for easy storage inside a small cookie jar.

Great, but cats want more than just treats! Where are the toys? Hmmmmm…. how about a unicorn?

or llama, or giraffe, or…

That’s more like it! Wanna chase some mice?

Maybe you’d like to kick it with Spider-Man.

Want to lounge in a fluffy pink wonderland?

This scratching post/activity center is a real blast!

Let’s cruise the galaxy in our very own tie fighter.

All this and more is available at I found some similar products on Amazon, but, as always, pay attention to item cost, dimensions, where the item ships from, and shipping costs. Amazon has a similar unicorn listed for $218; Chewy’s unicorn is currently listed for $33.87.

Whatever Santa’s budget this year, there are options available for each of you to enjoy a magical Christmas. Get busy making those wish lists so Santa can place his online orders early!


13 thoughts on “It’s a Kitty-Cat Christmas!

  1. Every cat loves Churu treats except my Gracie who refuses to eat anything but one flavor of Fancy Feast (which is often out of stock). First cat that didn’t like treats of any sort. However she loves cat trees and will do a smack down if someone is in one her private spots.

  2. These are such treats for cats, providing with hours of fun chasing the mice, climbing and hiding in the ‘activity center’ and they also decorate your house and make it explode with colors.

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