Adventures in Cat Wrangling

These past couple of weeks have been all about cats… actually, community cats.

I posted on Facebook and Twitter about community cat Mavis walking inside. As of this evening the post has had 71.6K views on Twitter, which is the closest I’ve ever gotten to going viral. Facebook would never let me go viral; I’m not their kind of content creator.

Mavis decided the indoor life was not for her and bolted back out a couple days later. She knows she’s welcome inside if she later decides to give it another try.

I’ve been trapping Bébé’s kittens for their spay/neuter surgeries next week. There are five of them: three girls and two boys. Bébé’s kids are bad, but they’re so cute!

To say they’re none too happy about their current circumstances is an understatement, but soon they will be all healed up and I won’t have to worry about kittens… at least from this bunch. Eventually there will be more. There always are. Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) doesn’t stop them from coming, but it does curtail the numbers that come. Bébé had nine kittens (that I know of) in the time I’ve known her; eight survived. Thanks to TNR, Bébé’s kids will not increase the population.

Though each kitten has unique markings, they all have their mother’s eyes. I hope they have her smarts too. After all, she was smart enough to bring them here and to the homes of other neighbors who feed.

Bébé’ (right) and Mavis staring at me through the glass door. She’s invited in every night, and every night she politely declines my offer.

I’ve thought a lot lately about how many of us put our time, effort, and money into caring for these sweet souls, knowing full well their lives will be short and, in many ways, hard.

Why do we do it? I have a closer relationship with Bébé than I do with most people I know. She trusted me with her children. And I know she appreciates being spayed. Six months ago she was thin, tired, and weaning kittens while pregnant with another litter. I tried to trap her several times but she eluded capture until one night I lured her into a trap with string cheese. Today she is fat, sassy, and can manipulate a treat out of me in seconds flat. Bébé knows I care about her and will do what I can for her.

Keep these little ones (and all community cats) in your thoughts as we head out Tuesday morning. If you are a caregiver for community cats like I am, thank you.


If you’re interested in learning more about caring for community cats, Alley Cat Allies provides information, support, and advocacy for cats and their caregivers.


13 thoughts on “Adventures in Cat Wrangling

  1. Thank you for caring! If people are going to abandon their cats, the least they can do is make sure they’re spayed and neutered first. I hope Mavis comes back in.

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