The Moirai

The Pseudea
utter greetings
through clenched teeth smiles; 
fair pleasantries
they do not mean.
It seems to me,
once caught naked
by Veritas,
they seethe and roil
as though Dolus 
himself'd been snared.
Do they believe
that they should be 
forgiven and
forgotten for
stripping others
of their dignity,
and not captured
on a cell phone?
Themis may judge,
but so do we.


5 thoughts on “The Moirai

  1. There were lots of goddesses. Now we are taught about one male god. That doesn’t seem like an improvement.

    Some of the bishops in this country want to talk about toning down the masculine portrayal. The right wing are triggered and it hasn’t even been discussed yet!

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