My Autobiography…

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

If I had a dollar for every person who underestimated me, I’d buy a Super Bowl ad and let them see how they fucked up.

28 thoughts on “My Autobiography…

  1. This is awesome 😂…. If I had a nickel or a penny every time I was underestimated by someone, I’ll make a billboard and TV ads, and social media posts making sure everyone tuned in to me on channel 12 and broadcast… IM BACK LIKE I NEVER LEFT BITCHES 😂😆

  2. 😂😂

    I’d have to branch off yours and say a lil something like:

    If I could give all the fuccks in the world I would give zero. They thought they had me fuccked up when I exited the womb back in 1993. Little did they know I was born immune. Immune to the virus of living amongst a society of people that allowed the underbelly of the beast to roam freely.. As much as the cousin of death calls my name in the pale moonlight, I lie awake, anticipating..

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