For You, With My Compliments

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Lest you think all I do is complain, allow me to share with you a story of one person whose kindness helped me in ways they never could have imagined.

In 2016 I left a job that was so bad I took a $10K pay cut and moved across two states to get away. I took an IRA early withdrawal with penalty and floated along best I could to heal my broken spirit.

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Fast forward a year where I sat in a stale conference room with someone whose records I’d just reviewed. I showed her where her problems were and offered suggestions for improvement.

Several hours later, an entourage of C-suite execs toured that same office and the woman I spoke with earlier sang my praises to them.

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Those fat cats didn’t know anything about me or the quality of my work, but because of one women’s efforts, I was given new scrutiny resulting in a promotion and raise I probably wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. Her act of kindness restored my faith in others, prompting me to follow her example.

Never miss a chance to offer praise for those whose actions warrant it; you never know where it might lead.


70 thoughts on “For You, With My Compliments

  1. I know that must have made more than you day!

    About 4 years ago a friend called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to Bible Study with her. I said yes and half an hour later she picked me up.
    We got to the church and went to the main Sanctuary where the pastor’s wife was holding a Women’s Bible Study.
    The Sanctuary was filled with round tables and my friend and I decided to sit at a table where some young(er) women were sitting.
    We were studying the Book of John and the topic was judging. At one point the pastor’s wife asked everyone in the room if anyone judged.
    I couldn’t believe it when I saw every one of the women (at least at our table) vehemently shake their heads.
    I looked at every woman at that table and said in a quiet yet firm voice,
    The first time I said it a few of them looked at me with surprise. Again, I repeated to the women at the table quietly yet firmly,
    Just as I had finished, the pastor’s wife said to everyone,
    “For those who said no, that’s not true. We all judge to one degree or another. That’s just part of being human.”
    It didn’t matter because everyone was quite upset with me.
    When Bible Study ended, my friend and I got to her car. Once inside she started laughing and said,
    “You are so real, Kelly! You are so real!”
    That’s when I began laughing too.
    That’s the best compliment I had ever received and probably ever will.

      1. Praising, as a source of positive motivation, works because people like it. They want to get more praises, and so they are trying to do the job better. The company management has to use this instrument wisely to achieve good results. Remember that people also like the diversity in praises.

      2. I don’t want praise if it’s offered to manipulate me into working harder. I want praise because I’ve already worked hard and deserve to be recognized. The difference in you and me is I praise others to help others, while you praise others to help yourself.

  2. Nicely put 👏 all praise .we all have it in us, but for some reason, we shy away from kind words. Even a simple bless when there’s a sneeze from afar ,one word, or gesture can spark 🤧 ripples through time 😅 lol maybe I’m overthinking .simple version .Don’t be shy show some love ❤️

      1. Read my blogs and give me your opinion, I accept constructive criticism, I am new in this space and I want to learn from those who are more experienced

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