Yeah. I Wanna Have the Power.

Daily writing prompt
What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

I wish I had the ability to bitch-slap people without actually touching them or doing anything that would get me arrested.

Why? Because lately I’ve had run-ins with a lot of people who piss me the fuck off.

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They want to make fun of me, belittle me, act like I’m a problem. They want to treat me like I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, which, if you know anything about me, you know I have the facts to back me up.

Meanwhile all I want is to live my life without people messing with me.

So I figure if I could bitch-slap these clowns whenever they try me, folks would soon learn that when I say piss off, I mean PISS OFF!

It would also save a lot of time because then I wouldn’t have to write complaint letters, angry tweets, and blog posts about jackasses that couldn’t act like decent human beings if their lives depended on it.

Can you tell I’m mad?

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Yeah, I’m mad. See, I reached out to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center asking about testing in the middle Tennessee area. They gave me the names of three groups to reach out to, and I did, and I was very specific with each of them as to what I wanted. One responded, asked me to complete an application, and scheduled me for an appointment. Now I think we can all agree that any reasonable person would assume such actions would indicate this group felt they could provide the requested service. Right?

Wrong. And they didn’t bother to tell me that until the initial appointment. Not only that, the “person” with whom I spoke seemed to think women can’t have that particular problem, and instead I’m probably mentally ill, even though the latest guidance regarding this particular problem seems to indicate I am the epitomy of a woman with that particular problem.

I filed a complaint with my insurance carrier. Doesn’t do anything to address the shitty way I was treated, but it may ensure another woman doesn’t get the same shitty treatment.

But I honestly would have preferred to bitch-slap that pompous, sexist mother fucker into next month.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another indication that I have WAYYYYYY more self-control than anyone gives me credit for.

5 thoughts on “Yeah. I Wanna Have the Power.

  1. It may not be as immediately satisfying, but the complaint to the insurance company was probably far more effective than a direct one would have been. The insurance probably send a lot of business and money their way.

  2. This is amazing. I thought of the Firestarter by Stephen King, but instead of fire, the person gets knocked into the middle of next week by an invisible hand. They can try to sue you, but ALLLLL evidence says that you were on the other side of a parking lot when it happened. It was just a freak accident. hehehe I love when people (DOCTORS!!!) say things like “well, men don’t get breast cancer”… but they have breasts! “Well, not like that.” Blathering idiots. Don’t gice up the fight to get a good doctor. And also, notify Vanderbilt about your treatment. They are referring you, and they should know. if this place is not treating the patients properly, they should know so they can stop referring.

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