Jen’s Place

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

I want a chain of nonprofit mental health walk-in clinics named after me.

Not in crisis but you are in acute distress? Can’t get an appointment with your therapist? Don’t want to talk to a clueless kid still in college at your workplace EAP line? Come on in. We have trained staff in comfortable surroundings who can help you work through whatever’s going on. We deny no one services, though we may refer you to other providers if your needs are greater than what we can provide onsite.

And if all you need is a place to love on a big fluffy dog or a sweet purring kitty, we can provide that too.

But, won’t it simply be the same manipulative few showing up over and over again? We prefer to think of them as people in need of help who have been written off by a field of professionals who blame the mentally ill for their illnesses. At our clinics, we hold no preconceived notions, and seek to reach the client where they are and not where we think they ought to be.

How will you be paid? That’ll be sticky. We’ll have to maneuver the minefield that is private insurance, but if we can sell the feds on Medicare/ Medicaid coverage, the private sector will eventually come along. We’ll also reach out for grant funding and donations. All that money out there that’s supposed to help people now but really only perpetuates a dysfunctional system? That can come to us. And as we show results, the money will keep coming.

But primary mental health caregivers are going to fight you! Nah. Just like primary veterinarians contract with emergency vet clinics, so can mental health providers contract with us to provide after hours services so they can live their lives.

If you’re successful, the field will be flooded with for-profit services. True. But we’ve seen their track record with drug/alcohol treatment, various teen treatment centers, and the like, so while they’ll make some money for awhile, they won’t cater to the people who need these services the most. I feel sad for those kids they fuck up even worse than they already are, but I take comfort in knowing we’ll be there for them when they’re finally free from their parents’ grasp.

So if you’re hurting and feel no one gives a shit, Google the closest Jen’s Place. We truly care and we’re here to help.


9 thoughts on “Jen’s Place

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    1. I saw a recent interview with the mayor of San Francisco where she discussed the problem her city faces with homelessness and the mentally ill. I wonder if I could sell her on the idea?

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