By the People, For the People

How would you improve your community?

Let me start by saying I realize none of this I could do alone, but if I could…

First, I’d stack SCOTUS and nominate justices who’d reverse Citizens United and would oust unethical justices like Thomas.

Next, I’d do away with the filibuster and other petty rules that allow one elected official to silence a majority.

Now to outlaw gerrymandering and other laws that suppress voting rights. This would include restoring voter rights to convicted felons and scheduling voting so that more people could freely exercise their right to vote.

I’d fight to push through the Equal Rights Amendment.

I’d push for laws that require any entity calling itself a news organization to present both sides to every issue.

Finally I’d remove tax exemptions for churches and religious organizations. Religious bias? Of course not! You still get to have your religion. I’m discouraging those who use religion to get rich and powerful.

Then the US could MAYBE elect a government by the people, for the people.


11 thoughts on “By the People, For the People

  1. Great thoughts. We’d make everyone who runs for political office have to at least pass a high school equivalency test. We have some *koff koff* who seem to have left school in the 4th grade. *koff* MTG and Bimbobert, I’m talking about you. Make it easier to get rid of elected individuals who tried to overthrow our government and stop a fair election and actually check the resumes of those running for office.

  2. Maybe you should become an elected official. I like where you’re going with it for sure. Gerrymandering should actually be illegal. It’s too easy to set up who wins by demographics. Basically it’s still a form of racism.

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