Giving My Life Direction

What gives you direction in life?

This has evolved over time.

I used to use maps. Are you old enough to remember street maps? They were huge; had to be so we could read the street names. Then came the internet, and I printed out directions using Mapquest that sometimes weren’t exactly right.

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But now I use Waze, Google Maps, and the Apple Maps app. Each meets a different need.

When I am working for Instacart I use the Apple app. I don’t like it, because the app doesn’t do well in rural areas and one thing you don’t want to do in God’s country is get lost in a rural area. Especially after dark. Most of those folks living out there are good people, but it only takes one nutjob with a rifle and you in his site. That app also tells me to turn way too soon. But the Instacart app defaults to it, and the other apps act offended when I ask them to fill in, so I go with it.

When I want accuracy, like when I’m out in the middle of nowhere, I go with Google. What I hate about Google is if I’m using Car Play and Car Play stops working because my charger cord isn’t an Apple cord, the app stops providing directions. I mean, I spent $10 on a charger at an interstate gas station because I was desperate for directions, and Car Play quit recognizing it within a month. Probably Nissan is getting a kickback from Apple. Really, tech geeks, quit acting like babies and make your shit work well together.

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But if I want to know the fastest route and avoid cops, I use Waze. I can choose the voice I want to use with the app too. Right now a cat gives me directions; much nicer than that Apple bitch that tells me to turn on the wrong street or the Google one that gets pissed off and quits in the middle of her shift.

And yeah, I know this was not what you were expecting. But who said I had to play by your rules?


14 thoughts on “Giving My Life Direction

  1. Most of my friends use Waze. I need to try it but I don’t really drive places I’m not familiar with. I know all too well how some apps or gadgets get all huffy when you don’t match them properly. It’s a conspiracy (isn’t everything these days?).

  2. I do WAZE; while it has its shortcomings, I like the real time updates on “police ahead’ or “obstacle /vehicle on road ahead.’ Those notifications can be invaluable. But yeah, it’s too bad when the app (or CarPlay) gets the hiccups. When we’re so dependent on technology we expect it to work flawlessly. That’s a hint, WordPress. 😉

      1. According to my car dealer, there are a few issues/kinks with CarPlay that makes you want to pull your hair out. I just try to muddle along as best as I can; luckily I don’t drive a whole lot but when I do, I want WAZE to work well. The most irritating is the volume level never seems to sync when your listening to music. One is always louder than the other. WTH? I never adjusted the volume. Oy

  3. We usually use Google Maps,, which works well because we are in a more urban/populated area. You made me laugh with your “…much nicer than that Apple bitch…” comment. We call the voice Darla, in homage to a not-so-nice cat we used to know. 😀

  4. It’s a long time since I’ve battled with a paper map on a windy day! There’s something comforting about a well worn map though – till it starts falling apart at the creases. 😀

  5. Lol I love this post. It shows the evolution of navigation before GPS. Gone are the days of asking for directions. I use Google maps for deliveries. Because they have a History of miles which is handy for tax write offs.

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