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Cat Memes- Because My Cats are Smartasses!

Our friend Savannah at Savannah’s Paw Tracks posts memes each Friday, and she gave us an idea… except we are a gang of snarky cats who pull no punches. You have been warned.      

Rumpy Says….

Hissy Fit Jones Says…..

Hissy Fit Jones knows this one all too well!

Hissy Fit Jones Says…..

  Dear trolls, First of all, thank you for coming. While you can be annoying, you are a blessing in that you show me my words are being heard. So thank you for that gift. For all of us, Use your anger wisely. I channel my anger into writing, thus giving a voice to those … Continue reading

Hissy Fit Jones Says…

  (with apologies to Gloria Steinem) 

June Buggie Says…

Cute! Funny! FRIDAY!!!

It’s Friday before a 3 day weekend. All is right with the world. YAY! So here’s a heaping helping of Rumpy Dog to make your day.  Enjoy! . l

It’s November. I Meme It!

    Oh Dog! Happy Friday! Are you hung over from your Halloween festivities? Need a little boost to make it through your Friday? Have no fear! Rumpydog is here!             I hope you choose to have a happy day and a great weekend!

Friday Memes With Bubba Cat!

Oh Dog! Not Bubba Cat!!!!! *heavy sigh* . . . . . . . .. .

Friday Memes- Featuring Rumpy!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s Friday! I am so happy! We are having a visitor this weekend- her name is Karen. We’re not sure how long she’ll visit, but we do know she’s bringing lots of rain with her. Ugh! Oh well. Lots can happen between now and then. Let’s have some fun with memes- starring Rumpy!!!!! … Continue reading

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