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Why Do I Eat That?

As I grow older I find myself asking many of the same questions I did as a young child. Why? Many of the answers I get as an adult sound similar to those I got as a child. “Because I’m the mommy/daddy/responsible adult in charge and I said so, that’s why.” I find myself asking … Continue reading

Gift-Giving on the Cheap…. and a Giveaway!

Let’s face it, advertisers have us all convinced that we show how much we love our family and friends by how much we spend on them. Heck, they’ve even convinced us we show the same love to our companion animals! But, the truth is, our companion animals could care less about much of the stuff we buy … Continue reading

Sweet Tooth? Healthy Vegan Solution Here!

It’s no secret to any of you that we can help animals by curtailing the number of them we eat. And when it comes to snack foods, you want something that’s healthy as well. When I have a sweet tooth, a favorite treat is a Larabar. But I couldn’t find my favorite flavor, Cherry Pie, … Continue reading

Sweet Tooth Satisfied: Cruelty-Free!

Miss us this weekend? I decided to take a couple of days off. What did I do with the free time? Well, crave cookies, of course. Rumpy’s not the only one around here that likes cookies. What’s a Cookie Monster to do if she craves chocolate chip cookies, but wants to live cruelty-free? Make her own! … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday- Homemade Cookies!

What a great day we had last Sunday! Jen made us cookies! Want to make your own? Jen used the recipe at Brown-eyed Baker, substituting 1 3/4 cup chickpea flour for the 2 cups whole wheat flour.

Cooking with Rumpy!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! This weekend Jen and I made cookies!  I thought I’d share the experience with you. As we’ve mentioned before, our DeDe has food allergies, so we have to be careful what she eats. But to be honest, we’d not considered making her cookies.  Jen wasn’t sure how hard it … Continue reading

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