Wordless Wednesday

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Cats in Birthday Hats


Wordless Wednesday- DeDe’s All a Blur!

Wordless Wednesday: Featuring Hissy Fit Jones

Shutdown Blues? Help is on the Way!

You’re upset. You’re angry. You’re flabbergasted. I get it. What you need is a heaping helping of cute to lower your blood pressure. And no one does cute like the Rumpydog gang! Just another service we provide. . . . . . . . . .

Weirdo Wednesday: Nothin’ Normal ‘Bout Rumpy!

DOG TREK: The First Generation


Wordless Wednesday- Could it Be Cookies?

Wordless Wednesday- What We Say When We Pray

. . What do YOU say when YOU pray?

Wordless Wednesday- The Realities of Moving

I don’t relish moving. . There’s all the packing.   And the repacking. But at least I have lots of help.   On second thought……    

Words on Wednesday- We have Amazing Friends!

We got packages! Actually they came last week, but Jen wasn’t able to get to the post box until this week. BJ Pup sent DeDe a bottle of the joint support supplement he uses. I can’t wait until it works its magic and makes DeDe feel better!  Thank you so much BJ!!! And our friend … Continue reading

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