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Today is National Feral Cat Day

Today is a day set aside by Alley Cat Allies to talk about the issue of homeless cats and let you know how you can get involved in helping these kitties. Hissy Fit Jones and Little Girl, both 8 years old, were born to feral mothers. Hissy was at the vet yesterday getting annual shots. He also has an … Continue reading

The Neverending War on Homeless Cats

I am a fan of Gwen Cooper, the author of the books about Homer the blind wonder cat. Homer has moved on from this realm, but Gwen continues to write about cats and topics of importance to cat lovers. This week Gwen sent out an email to her readers alerting us to a book being hawked … Continue reading

Hissy Fit Jones on Feral Cat Care

Hissy Fit Jones Here.  I’m taking over this blog today.  Hisssssss!!!! I was born to a feral mother.  Jen took me in when I got real sick.  I’m doing good now, but I’m not the most affectionate fella in town.  Anyway, today I’m gonna talk about feral kitties. Did you know that 17 million Americans … Continue reading

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