Thursday Post: Take 2!

Well nothing like working on a post for naught. Oh well. Anyway, here’s a poem I wrote yesterday. Hope it will do for today. . . There was a dog left home alone With not even so much as a bone He checked all around For a treat to scarf down But was heartbroken when […]

Wordless Wednesday- Just Chillin’

Oh Dog! It’s hot outside! Here in southern Alabama it’s been rainy, hot and humid. We’ve been staying inside where it’s cool.         Don’t forget to vote today and every day for your favorite blogs among the Dogtime Petties Awards finalists. I am publicly supporting Animal Shelter Volunteer for Best Cause Blog […]

Beauty From the Inside Out!

Oh Dog! DeDe here.  Today I have an important tip for all of you. Beauty is NOT synonymous with self-worth. In 2013, young girls are still being conditioned to view their worth by their beauty. And why not? Beautiful people tend to make higher salaries. They are less likely to be found guilty in a […]


With every move comes change. Some change is planned, while others are  unexpected. I had planned to change the way I feed the cats to address the weight gain with some of them, like Malachi. Instead of leaving a feeder out for each cat to enjoy at his or her leisure, they’re now being fed […]

Friday at Our New Home!

Happy Friday everybody! We were unable to post yesterday because our FORMER Internet service provider were unable to connect our service. Oh they SAID they could to get us to stay with them, but when it came time to actually deliver the service, there were many reasons why we had to wait… and wait…. and […]

I Have the Most Amazing News!!!!!

Oh my Dog! I am so excited!  I just found out that our friends at The Creative Cat and Animal Shelter Volunteer Life are finalists in the Dogtime Petties Awards!  YAY!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help in making that happen! Now this is important. We REALLY need to help them win! Why? Well, the […]

Some Cute for Monday

Uh oh! It’s Monday again! And many of you are on vacation this week and are not the least bit sympathetic to my plight. Jen is sore from all the physical labor of the weekend, and she still has to get June Buggie to take his medicine. So for those not working today, here’s some […]

Sweet June Buggie is Not Well….

So many things that could be said. So many ideas rolling around inside my brain. But I can’t think, because something’s wrong with June Buggie. He didn’t try to run outdoors with the dogs like he usually does. When we came back inside, I found him still in the bedroom. And then I saw the […]

It’s Finally Friday!!!!!

Thank Dog it’s Friday!  I thought that day would NEVER get here! What will you do this weekend? We’ll be busy packing for our upcoming move!       Malachi is an early riser; he likes to get his grub on! Hissy Fit Jones wants to just relax and groom himself. I’m gonna look pitiful and […]