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Art by Women to View in Nashville

One thing I love about Nashville is the variety of art experiences I’m exposed to just by walking around outside! I’m not an aficionado. I like what speaks to me, be it music, movement or visual art. Tinney Contemporary is quickly becoming my favorite gallery. The large windows allow me the opportunity to see the … Continue reading

The Polar Bear is Replaced by a Tiger

Today the polar bear was gone. I knew eventually the museum would change the main installation, but still, to not see him there was shocking. But he has other eyes to open, so on he goes to his next stop on his journey while I continue mine. Yesterday I enjoyed a free lunchtime guided meditation at … Continue reading

All Things Cat

Cats are in the news this weekend.  First, Bubba Cat had his turn at the vet, and his bloodwork results were upsetting. He, too, has hyperthyroidism. To be honest, I hadn’t considered hyperthyroidism with Bubba because he hasn’t been as ravenous as Junior was when first diagnosed. But he does show other symptoms, such as weight … Continue reading

A Poem for Rumpy by duG Nap

I follow artist and all-around creative fellow Dug Nap on Facebook. Recently he challenged his audience to post photos, and he would write a poem about what he saw. I posted this photo. Here’s Dug’s poem: Doggie Eyes by Dug Nap I’m just a good dog laying here on the floor watching my human and waiting for … Continue reading

Portrait of an Artist’s Cat

Oh Dog!  Today I have a special guest with a really cool name!  I know you’re gonna love his story, so dogs and cats- put your paws together and help me welcome Hobbes Fattytail! Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  I am so excited to have you as my guest today!  Let’s start by you telling us about … Continue reading

An Introduction to Sundrops Art

Oh Dog!  I am so excited!  Today I’m going to introduce you to my friend Karen Galmiche and her fabulous artwork.  Here she is to tell you a little about what she does! Thanks for having me on your blog!  You had asked me about my artwork.  Well, Sundrops Art came about just a year ago in … Continue reading

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