The Neverending War on Homeless Cats

I am a fan of Gwen Cooper, the author of the books about Homer the blind wonder cat. Homer has moved on from this realm, but Gwen continues to write about cats and topics of importance to cat lovers. This week Gwen sent out an email to her readers alerting us to a book being hawked […]

The Robins are Coming!

The robins came this week, signalling to us that spring has sprung, at least in the Florida panhandle.   It’s always a joyous occasion when the robins return. They aren’t here long, perhaps a day or two. And while here they are noisy, messy, and outrageous in their antics! And boy, do i love it. The […]

Can Animals Predict the Weather?

Yesterday was a very bad weather day for many parts of the eastern US.  Jen was worried, because the birds weren’t out and about and the feral cats didn’t show up at the usual time looking for a meal.  But when the feral kitties showed up late in the afternoon, I told Jen that everything […]