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If You’d Known I Was a Pet Blogger, Would You Have Acted Differently?

I don’t brag about being a pet blogger. I don’t hide the fact, either. Except when I’m test-driving a new service provider for my pets.  I want to see how they’d treat me if they didn’t expect me to go public with the experience. Today, Bubba and I returned to the new vet’s office for another … Continue reading

The Uphill Battle for the Welfare of Animals

As humans, we each have beliefs about how things are supposed to be. Here’s some examples of ideas I’ve heard others share. dinner is to be served at 7 pm children must go to school bathed and in clean clothes adults must dress up for work to show they are committed and professional animals do … Continue reading

Dear, Sweet DeDe and Stressed-Out Me

DeDe has arthritis. Part of me is relieved that that’s all it is. Part of me is not. Arthritis is not just a condition to live with. Arthritis means DeDe is in pain, and from the looks of things, she’s been in a great deal of pain. It also means that she has yet another … Continue reading

Who’s a Good Dog?

Who’s a good dog?     Uh oh!

A Yard Filled With Dog Treats!

Talk about lucky dogs! If you live on the East Coast of the US, you certainly are! Why? The cicadas have come!   I LOVE cicadas! When we had them in our yard, Jen had to keep an eye on me so I wouldn’t stuff myself silly. DeDe didn’t seem to care for them. I … Continue reading

The Bestest Dog Treat Ever! Seriously!

Now you know how much Rumpy likes his cookies! But did you ever think there would be a treat he’d enjoy just as much, yet was WAY better for him? It’s true! What could it be??????? WHAT? The dogs love chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans)! Chickpeas are a healthy snack for dogs: they contain … Continue reading

Scout and Zoe’s- Treats for Dogs With Allergies!

Recently Jen connected with Cindy Dunston Quirk on LinkedIn, and they talked about dogs and allergies. In case you didn’t know, DeDe has food allergies, and Cindy has a company that makes treats for dogs with food allergies! Scout and Zoe’s has a great line of products for dogs with allergies. The chicken treats are … Continue reading

How to Fight the Monday Blues!

Uh oh! It’s the day of the week so many of us dread. *heavy sigh* When the rich want money, it’s the rest of us who go to work. (with apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre) So I thought I’d cheer us up by sharing some of your Rumpy memes. And this is my personal favorite:   … Continue reading

It’s Friday! Yay!!!!

FINALLY! Friday is back! That means one more work day before Jen is home with us! I wonder what I should do this weekend? Maybe I’ll get another package from the mailman… and this time he’ll actually deliver it! Or maybe we’ll just do lots of this:       You only have a few … Continue reading

Introducing Petbrosia!

I was asked by Petbrosia to try out their new food, so I did. They sent food for June Buggie and Rumpy! Who is Petbrosia? They are a new pet food company on the scene with an interesting concept- they sell you food specially designed for your dog or cat. How does it work? You … Continue reading

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