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Mascara and Coffee Creamer-What Do They Have in Common?

Happy Friday! I know you’re busy getting ready for the weekend. Here in Tennessee we’re doing our regular milk and bread run for the snow that may come Saturday night and melt pretty quickly Sunday. Ah, but can you have snow without milk and bread? I think not! I bought chocolate soymilk, just because. In my … Continue reading

They Do WHAT to Dogs?

Every day we hear voices from around the world protesting the abuse and/or death of innocent dogs and cats.   But when it comes to dogs and cats being used in laboratory experiments around the world, those voices are eerily silent. Why is that? Some studies indicate we tolerate the cruelty of animal testing because we think it … Continue reading

A Cruelty-Free Cleaning Product Review

Let me start out by saying that I am not in any way being compensated for this review. In fact, I have had no contact with The Caldrea Company or its representatives. So am I the only one who would get up at 5 AM on a vacation day Monday morning and clean litter boxes? Well, … Continue reading

Oooohhhhh!!!! Chocolate!

I love chocolate. Clever marketers have convinced us that chocolate consumption is just as effective as therapy. Science doesn’t support their claims, but there are studies that show some health benefits to chocolate consumption. Chocolate may improve brain function. It may lessen your risk of heart failure and heart attack. The flavanols in chocolate can … Continue reading

Sweet Tooth Satisfied: Cruelty-Free!

Miss us this weekend? I decided to take a couple of days off. What did I do with the free time? Well, crave cookies, of course. Rumpy’s not the only one around here that likes cookies. What’s a Cookie Monster to do if she craves chocolate chip cookies, but wants to live cruelty-free? Make her own! … Continue reading

Why Buy Cruelty-Free? -by Moxie (NOT graphic)

Oh Dog! I have an awesome guest post by a fellow blogger. Moxie reviews cruelty-free cosmetics and other products. I asked her why she only chose to profile cruelty-free products and our discussion led to her agreeing to writing a guest post here. We both agreed that it would not be helpful to be graphic, … Continue reading

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