Happy Mother’s Day from DeDe!

Oh Dog! DeDe here wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day to our friends in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria! And if you celebrate the holiday today, then to you as well! Here in the US, most of us changed over to Daylight Savings Time this morning. That means Jen will be draggy for a couple […]

DeDe Checks In

Oh Dog! DeDe here. It’s a cloudy day here in paradise, and there’s a good chance of rain. *sigh* We slept in this morning….. well, actually Jen did, and I had to maintain my guard post until she decided to get up! We already had a cat fight this morning. This one resulted in the […]

Dear DeDe is At It Again!

Welcome back to another exciting visit with Yours Truly! Oh Dog, have we had quite the drama this week!  Graybie Baby has a sensitive tummy, and after Jen got back from her trip he was not eating. So she gave him some of his probiotic meds, but he still wasn’t eating. She went to find […]

Advice From Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! Do you know what day it is? That’s right! It’s Dear DeDe Day! YAY!!!!! Today I have some advice for all you wonderful people that post and cross-post pictures of animals in need of placement. PLEASE stop all the negative comments about the people that surrendered the animal.  Why? Because those comments leave a […]

Another Visit with Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another visit with me- DeDe! . We’ve been talking feral kittens this week. As you know, we found no rescue group or person willing to take in these little guys, so they will live a feral life.  It got me to thinking- how is it […]

Dear DeDe Wants YOU!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for a visit with Dear DeDe. That’s me!!!! Do you hate puppy mills?  I sure do.  I can’t believe that the people of this country still allow those hell-holes to exist.  Does that describe your feelings? Then how about doing something about it?  The Humane Society […]

Dear DeDe Catches Ya Up!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another visit with Dear DeDe! That’s me! Here’s the scoop on this week’s exciting adventures! First of all, yesterday was Jen’s birthday.  I’m not allowed to tell you how old she is, because to do so may prove detrimental to my cookie allowance.  So let’s […]

DeDe’s Got a Giveaway!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here! And do I have some news for you! Recently Rumpy was sent a cool kit Purina Company.  The package included a DVD of the movie TinTin and a collectible plush TinTin doll made by ty. And we’re giving you a chance to win it!!! We’ll be giving away the DVD […]