Advice From Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, so it’s once again time for some advice from Dear DeDe! That’s me! There have been some items in the news that have disturbed me lately. Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric apparently were photographed with dead animals they hunted while on a safari in Africa. The safari took place […]

A Visit with Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for another visit with Dear DeDe.  Hey, that’s ME!!! Today my theme is THREE.  I have three comments to make with some short follow-up to each. 1) Regarding Blogspot:  We’ve had problems posting comments to Blogspot blogs. We get the message that we’ve typed in the […]

Advice from Dear DeDe!

Oh dog! It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for Dear DeDe! That’s me!!! Today we’re offering some info for those humans that still aren’t convinced that us animals can feel empathy. A study conducted at the University of Chicago found that rats would act to release a cage mate from confinement. The rat working […]

Advice From Dear DeDe!

Hello everybody! It’s me- Dear DeDe!!! Today we have a letter from a dog seeking advice: Dear DeDe: I am sad. I thought the holidays were supposed to be a time of love and joy, but it appears to be anything but. Traffic is worse. People aren’t nice in stores. And the worst? The people […]