Live in the US? Love Big Cats? Read This.

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, you know that right now it’s legal to own a lion, tiger, or other big cat as a pet with little or no regulation or oversight. Hell, there are more laws regarding dog and cat ownership than there are big cats! But hopefully that’s about to […]

How Humans Perceive Animals

When I want to know how others perceive animals, I need look no further than Pinterest. When I explore the Animals section, I feel sad. There are tons of pics of cute puppies and kittens, many of which include comments like, “OMG! WANT!” It’s the same comment I see on the pics of shoes and […]

June Buggie’s Talkin’ Big Cats!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say. I get emails from a variety of organizations dedicated to helping animals. One that recently struck my eye was an email I received from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. Now let me just say that I believe sanctuaries, and for that matter, […]