Rumpy the Weather Dog!

Oh Dog! Hello from windy northwest Florida! We are happy to report the weather didn’t get bad here where we live like it did in some places. It was quite breezy today, though. It felt good blowing through my fur while Jen and I walked. We had two walks this morning! Jen said we both […]

The Purrime Ministerettes of Purtth!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today my guests are fellow bloggers and two very important people in the blosphere. Please help me welcome the Purrime Ministerettes of planet Purtth- Shiva and Jaya! Shiva and Jaya: This is your Excellential Honorable Purrime Ministerettes. Rumpy: Welcome ladies! Shiva and Jaya: Ohai Rumpy! And salute! We thank […]

A Long Way Home

Oh Dog! I am so excited! My friend Jennie Littlewood, caretaker to Ella and Leo Littlewood, wrote a cool story for her creative writing class. And one of the characters in the story is ME! Auntie Jennie gave me permission to share the story here so all of you could enjoy it too.  It’s dark […]