Mayport Village- Taking Action to Help Homeless Cats!

Mayport Village in northeast Florida found itself with a big problem- lots of homeless cats. But this community didn’t just turn a blind eye like many communities do- they took action. To learn just exactly what this community has done, I’ve invited Tammy King from Mayport Cats, Inc. here to tell us all about it. Please give […]

Hissy Helps Out!

MEOW! Hissy Fit Jones here. I know I’m not a regular contributer to, but everyone else is busy and so I agreed to help out. I have just the thing for your reading pleasure:  one of our first posts that featured……. me! The dangers of getting high, or living with a cat named Hissy […]

June Buggie Rants!

Rumpy: Oh Dog, June Buggie has something to complain about…. again. *sigh* MEOW!!! I am June Buggie and I have something to say! I am tired of you humans dumping your cats! First we had one cat show up begging for supper and now there is another one. My human is stretched pretty thin as […]