Today is National Feral Cat Day

Today is a day set aside by Alley Cat Allies to talk about the issue of homeless cats and let you know how you can get involved in helping these kitties. Hissy Fit Jones and Little Girl, both 8 years old, were born to feral mothers. Hissy was at the vet yesterday getting annual shots. He also has an […]

I Call Him Sam

Among the many ferals that inhabit our neighborhood, one has truly captured my attention. He’s a Siamese cat I call Sam. Sam has only one eye and a ragged coat. He is one of the regulars at Beth’s Diner, the feeding station for all the homeless cats in the neighborhood. Recently during our afternoon walk, Rumpy and […]

What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Hissy Fit Jones here. I’m the go-to guy for all things stray and feral. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous contacted Rumpy this week. He spoke of a neighbor who has several outdoor cats. The neighbor feeds the cats, but that’s about it. The reader said he recently noticed one of the cats was […]

Introducing Leader Otis!!!

Oh Dog! I have a VERY special guest today!  Otis went from feral kitten to a leader among cats and a blogger with a mission.  He has a wonderful story to tell, so put your paws together and help me welcome Leader Otis!!!! Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  Thanks so much for being my guest today!  How […]