Florida’s Solution to its’ Python Problem? Let Tourists Kill ’em.

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida has more nonnative reptile and amphibian species than anywhere else in the world.There are more non-native lizards breeding in Florida than native ones. The US  suffers an estimated $120 billion in damages each year from non-native species. You were all excited about the possibility of winning a couple […]

Wait a Minute, I thought Jesus Said We Were All Precious

This is Barbara Dawson. She lived in Bristol, Florida, a town about an hour away from us.  Ms. Dawson died yesterday at Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown, Florida. She was transported there Sunday night by ambulance after complaining of stomach pain.  On Monday morning the attending physician at the community not-for-profit hospital discharged her.  When Ms. Dawson […]

Bonsai Bonanza!

Yesterday I had to work. You see, when an investigator is assigned a report, we must make contact with the victims within 24 hours. If we don’t, we must make a daily attempt to see them until we do make contact or until it becomes obvious they aren’t to be found. So I spent my […]

Saturday Tidbits and a Milestone!

This morning I grabbed one of the ointments I’m applying to kitty eyes, and noticed the container said For Use in Dogs Only. I freaked. Did the vet give me the wrong medication?   Well, seems that there’s several meds used in cats off-label, meaning they’ve been shown to be effective in cats but the […]

A Sad Day in Animal Welfare

Saturday was a sad day for the animals of Tampa, Florida. The staff at the Animal Coalition of Tampa Bay were wakened early last Saturday to learn their low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic had burned. The fire was intentionally set, possibly to cover the theft of petty cash from the register as well as from a […]

Why is DeDe So Excited????

Happy Sunday everybody! DeDe here! We’re pretty excited around here. The Animal Cruelty Bill that Jen lobbied for passed the House unanimously on April 17th and passed the Senate unanimously April 28th. The bill now awaits Governor Scott’s signature. The bill states that a person who commits acts of animal cruelty is to be charged […]