Dinner for One

Last night I cooked dinner for myself. For some, cooking is a necessity. If they don’t cook, the family does not eat. For others, it’s a thing they do because they always have, or somebody has to do it and they do a pretty darn good job of it. In this age of fast food, […]

Why Do I Eat That?

As I grow older I find myself asking many of the same questions I did as a young child. Why? Many of the answers I get as an adult sound similar to those I got as a child. “Because I’m the mommy/daddy/responsible adult in charge and I said so, that’s why.” I find myself asking […]

Ag-Gag: It’s All About Fooling You

A recent survey conducted by Texas A&M University asked consumers how important animal welfare was to them when buying meat. A total of 69% of recipients said that animal welfare is at least somewhat important, 22% said it was very important and 11% said it was extremely important.   Consumers respond when groups such as […]

Let Us Break Bread

Bread. The staff of life. It’s a food humans have been eating for centuries. A simple food, right? Flour. Yeast. Water. Salt. But wait! Do you know what is in that processed bread you’re buying? Some ingredients might surprise you. Most bread purchased in the US includes sugar. And if it’s cane sugar, it was […]