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It’s Rumpy’s Birthday Month But I’m Not Celebrating

This morning I woke the same way I have for the past few days: clutching one of Rumpy’s old stuffed toys. October is Rumpy’s Gotcha month. He’s been gone for 6 months, but the hurt is as acute as the day he died. In some ways things have improved. Now that I no longer care … Continue reading

Scenes from Rumpy’s Gotcha Day

My sweet dog celebrated his Gotcha Day Thursday in true Rumpydog style. I got up that morning and my internet service was down. So no blog post. Then yesterday was the big hack, so nobody was doing much of anything online. That’s OK though, we’re all here now and there are pictures!   Let the … Continue reading

Tomorrow is Rumpy’s Gotcha Day!

Tomorrow is Rumpy’s 10th Gotcha Day! As we gear up for the big celebration, I thought I’d share with you a few blog posts from years past. This post is one of my favorites. It’s Rumpy’s tale of rescuing me. Here is a post from his first online Gotcha Day celebration. Here’s a post from … Continue reading

Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy!

Nine years ago today I stopped to keep a furry dog from darting into the road and to help him find his way home. Little did I know his home was with me. Unlike with DeDe, ours has not been an easy relationship. His size, his high activity level, and his breed have forced me to be … Continue reading

Gotcha Day Pics!

Oh Dog! Thanks so much for coming to my surprise party! Here’s a few pics of the party we had here at home.   You still have until noon Central Time to add a comment to yesterday’s post and be included in the drawing for the Frosty Paws prize packs. There’s 10 of ’em, so … Continue reading

Happy Gotcha! Day to Me!

WHAT? A party? For me? I don’t believe it! You are all the bestest friends ever! Little did I know when Jen stopped to keep me from darting into a busy street six years ago, what adventures we had in store for us. Has it been a bed of roses? Not at all. But we … Continue reading

We’re Having a Party and YOU’RE Invited!

Oh Dog! DeDe here to remind you about the Surprise Party tomorrow for Rumpy’s Gotcha Day Party! Rumpy is gonna be so surprised! He better be! I’ve worked hard to keep him from nosing around. Tommorrow come by and wish Rumpy a Happy Gotcha Day. Yell SURPRISE! Then tell him what efforts you’re going to … Continue reading

Monday Blues….

Oh Dog, not again! Monday’s back and nobody’s happy about it! I am especially unhappy. Ya see, my Gotcha Day is this coming Saturday, and NOBODY seems to remember! *pouts* There’s no party plans. No balloons. No presents. No cookies. How could this be happening to me? I feel so all alone. So…… could anybody spare a … Continue reading

DeDe’s Party Plans!

Oh Dog! Has it really been a whole week since we last visited?  Uh….. actually, no, it hasn’t! *giggles* The plans for Rumpy’s party are in the works. Are you ready? Good, because here is what we’re gonna do. On Saturday when you show up, you’ll probably see a post filled with pity about how … Continue reading

DeDe’s Got a Secret!!!!!

Oh Dog! Gather ’round everybody, cuz DeDe’s got a secret, and I’m not sharing it with just anybody! You may not know this, but Rumpy’s Gotcha! Day is the 20th of this month. What’s a Gotcha! Day? Well, that’s the day that Jen picked him up off the streets and tried to find his home. … Continue reading

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