It’s Rumpy’s Birthday Month But I’m Not Celebrating

This morning I woke the same way I have for the past few days: clutching one of Rumpy’s old stuffed toys. October is Rumpy’s Gotcha month. He’s been gone for 6 months, but the hurt is as acute as the day he died. In some ways things have improved. Now that I no longer care […]

Happy Gotcha Day Rumpy!

Nine years ago today I stopped to keep a furry dog from darting into the road and to help him find his way home. Little did I know his home was with me. Unlike with DeDe, ours has not been an easy relationship. His size, his high activity level, and his breed have forced me to be […]

Gotcha Day Pics!

Oh Dog! Thanks so much for coming to my surprise party! Here’s a few pics of the party we had here at home.   You still have until noon Central Time to add a comment to yesterday’s post and be included in the drawing for the Frosty Paws prize packs. There’s 10 of ’em, so […]

Monday Blues….

Oh Dog, not again! Monday’s back and nobody’s happy about it! I am especially unhappy. Ya see, my Gotcha Day is this coming Saturday, and NOBODY seems to remember! *pouts* There’s no party plans. No balloons. No presents. No cookies. How could this be happening to me? I feel so all alone. So…… could anybody spare a […]

DeDe’s Party Plans!

Oh Dog! Has it really been a whole week since we last visited?  Uh….. actually, no, it hasn’t! *giggles* The plans for Rumpy’s party are in the works. Are you ready? Good, because here is what we’re gonna do. On Saturday when you show up, you’ll probably see a post filled with pity about how […]

DeDe’s Got a Secret!!!!!

Oh Dog! Gather ’round everybody, cuz DeDe’s got a secret, and I’m not sharing it with just anybody! You may not know this, but Rumpy’s Gotcha! Day is the 20th of this month. What’s a Gotcha! Day? Well, that’s the day that Jen picked him up off the streets and tried to find his home. […]