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The Death of America

Once again I try to make sense of the senselessness in front of me. Continue reading

It’s Election Day, So Go Vote!

It’s finally here and the stakes have never been higher. Are you an informed voter or pissed-off and taking a stand? Continue reading

Florida’s Solution to its’ Python Problem? Let Tourists Kill ’em.

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida has more nonnative reptile and amphibian species than anywhere else in the world.There are more non-native lizards breeding in Florida than native ones. The US  suffers an estimated $120 billion in damages each year from non-native species. You were all excited about the possibility of winning a couple … Continue reading

Death for Barking Dogs? A Social Media Dilemma!

Social media is all up-at-arms over the possible forced euthanization of two Port St Lucie, Florida, dogs that were taken into custody for barking. I first became aware of the plight of Princess and Duke when PR Manager Allison Gower  emailed me a link to a petition to save the dogs. Immediately I was raging … Continue reading

True Confessions: I’m (Not Quite) a Super Hero

Sometimes ya just gotta blow your own horn. Today is one of those times for me. I am a child abuse investigator. That’s not quite super-hero status, but my feats of skill and strength are no less amazing. In a 48-hour period, I was assigned 7 child abuse or neglect cases to investigate, three of … Continue reading

In the Time It Takes to Read This…..

Funny, isn’t it? How one seemingly ordinary action that we take can have dire consequences for another person? For instance, currently one person determines whether I will live in comfort or misery. I am moving. I have had some unexpected expenses. I am broke.  And yet, I have more than enough money to cover all … Continue reading

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