Thanks for Listening!

One of the things I am most grateful for is being heard.  Sad, isn’t it? In a world filled with noise, we don’t listen to each other. For me, I feel I am heard so infrequently that it actually shocks me when people get what I’m trying to say. For example, this month is employee […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. We’ve all been taught the holiday was set aside by the Pilgrims to express gratitude for having survived their first year here in the New World. The truth is, the holiday, while touted as a sacred time to share with family and friends, has been a tool for […]

Happy Thanksgiving US Friends!

Oh Dog! Today is a super-special holiday here in the US. It’s Thanksgiving! The Puritans were not big on holidays; they didn’t even celebrate Christmas or Easter. But they did celebrate days of thanksgiving when things were going well, such as after a bountiful harvest. So really the first celebration didn’t happen in Plymouth in […]

Dear DeDe is Grateful!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here! Today starts Gratitude Week around here at Rumpydog, and I get the honor of starting the ball rolling! I’m very grateful that the people working at the trash dump fed me and cared for me until Jen came along. And I’m  glad that she did. I’m grateful that she didn’t […]

What a Great Idea!

Oh Dog! DeDe here! No…… it’s not Sunday! As you know, June Buggie and I are planning a big surprise for Rumpy’s Gotcha Day!  We asked each of you to come up with a way that you could be a part of World Spay Day. Our friend Phil at Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge (OK, it […]

A Heartfelt Thank You!

Oh Dog! I want to tell you something!   I am overwhelmed with the amount of support you are showing me as you vote for me in the DogTime Petties Awards! Friends are sending out tweets and cross-posts.  Friends tell me they’re voting for me.  Friends wish me lots of luck. It’s enough to make […]