In Honor of #NationalPoetryDay, I Offer….

DOG HAIKU first the sun came up and then we went outdoors to enjoy the new day. HOW RUMPY GOT HIS NAME My human is old and she’s grumpy. Her clothing is wrinkled and frumpy. The bitch, with some brass, said I’m a pain in the ass, And that’s how I got the name Rumpy. CAT […]

A Rainy, Wet Good Friday

Oh Dog! Happy Good Friday everybody! Lots of you are off work today. Jen isn’t, because her employer doesn’t recognize Easter or Good Friday as holidays. POO! The weather here today? Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Flash flood watches are out all over. And since there are lots of dirt roads around here, there […]

Dog Poetry Day!

Welcome to Monday! I guess some of you are kinda let down after that game last night. I mean, even if ya rooted for Seattle, you’d have liked to have seen a competition, right? To ease you into your Monday routine, I’m going to share with you some original Rumpy poems. First, a dog haiku: […]

Friday Haiku!

Oh Dog! It’s been awhile since I shared some Dog Haiku with you, so how about we rectify the situation! I want a cookie. Think I’ll go counter-surfing When Jen leaves for work. Dear Mr. Groundhog: I know what you smell like, so Stay outta my yard! Dear Cheeky Bunny: I dreamed about you last […]

It’s Poetry Time!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s been SOOOOOO long since we last had a poetry challenge and we are WAYYYYY past due! So listen up you dogs and cats (and humans too!)- this Friday we’re gonna throw down with some haiku!  Are YOU up to the challenge? Now remember, there are several different form of haiku. The most […]

Creativity at Work!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Jen wrote a guest blog post for Christmas Pie Crafts! Ya oughtta go check it out! But she’s not the only one who’s been doing a little writing. I spent yesterday afternoon crafting some Haiku to share with you today. Lurking in shadows,  Ninja Kitty carefully  plans his next attack. […]

#Haiku Challenge!!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s here! It’s HERE! It’s time for the HAIKU CHALLENGE! I hope you’ve been working on a haiku to post here and share with the world! As you know, haiku typically reference nature, and boy have we had a run-in with Mother Nature this week! We’d just come in from a perimeter check […]