Haiku Challenge!!

Oh Dog!  I didn’t understand why nobody had read my blog post because, frankly, I thought it was awesome!  But then it hit me…. it’s Friday!  Before a weekend!  a HOLIDAY weekend!  Nobody wants to read about a serious topic today.  So I had a pee and a breakfast and did a little thinking…… …. […]

#Haiku Friday (on a Saturday)

Oh Dog! I am overwhelmed by all the words of comfort and prayers from my friends as we have mourned Sage’s departure for the Rainbow Bridge. To update: I was very upset the following day when I realized she wasn’t coming back, but I am doing much better. Jen stayed home with us and gave […]

#Haiku Friday

Oh Dog! What a day I had yesterday! The morning was so hot that I didn’t care much for walking.  I was all excited for the first couple of blocks, but then I decided it was too hot and practically pulled Jen back home.  I wanted to run but she is too slow, so I […]