Spending a Few Moments with Myself

This morning I practiced mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as, “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.” (Google) Mindfulness, for me, is a state of being content with and accepting of myself. First, I rolled out the yoga mat and […]

DeDe: It’s All in the Smile!

DeDe here with another beauty tip to make you look and feel your best. This week’s tip: It’s all in the smile! Each week I tell you it’s an essential beauty product. But why? Simply because people who smile are seen as being more confident and approachable. And smiling has measurable benefits as well. A study […]

DeDe: Do My Friends Make Me Look Good?

Oh Dog! DeDe here with more beauty advice to look and feel your best! Today’s recommendation: surround yourself with happy people. The people around you do have an effect on how you feel. If you’re only around those who are unhappy or complaining, how does that make you feel on the inside? But when you’re […]

Beauty From the Inside Out!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another beauty tip to make you look and feel your best! . This week’s tip is to live and let live. It seems to me that humans are always on the lookout for someone who has said or done something that should be held up to public ridicule. Don’t believe […]

Beauty From the Inside Out!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with my new segment- Beauty From the Inside Out! . . Humans have some strange ideas about beauty. Take skin, for example. Pale-skinned people see darker skin as beautiful, while dark-skinned people see lighter skin as beautiful. So pale-skinned people spend hours lying in tanning beds or slathering on fake tans, […]

#Haiku Friday (on a Saturday)

Oh Dog! I am overwhelmed by all the words of comfort and prayers from my friends as we have mourned Sage’s departure for the Rainbow Bridge. To update: I was very upset the following day when I realized she wasn’t coming back, but I am doing much better. Jen stayed home with us and gave […]