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We Hate You Wednesday!

It’s my furry family’s weekly tirade of real and perceived angst. Continue reading

The Freckle Song

Hissy Fit Jones has written a song called “The Freckle Song.” You can sing along to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” OK everyone, sing along… or don’t. Hissy doesn’t care either way. I got freckles in my ears, in my ears. I got freckles in my ears, in my ears. … Continue reading

Little Hissy Jones…

Hissy Fit Jones is an enigma. Of the four, he’s the one I can least read. In this photo he’s sitting beside me on the sofa, watching me type on the computer. He does this a lot. Hissy likes to be close to me on HIS terms. He may or may not let me rub his chin … Continue reading

I Wonder What They Think About Me…

Just as some humans are considered less worthy than others, so too are some cats considered more valuable than others. Continue reading

Hissy Fit Jones Writes Santa

I’m not sure Hissy Fit Jones understands the concept of Santa yet, but, bless his heart, he’s trying. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom from Hissy Fit Jones

Hissssss!!!  It’s your favorite former feral cat coming to ya today. Things been a little hectic around here lately, so please don’t take it personal that we haven’t visited your blog in several days. I promise we’ll be back soon. Now, for those of you that are having a tough time financially right now, this … Continue reading

In Need of Intervention

Oh Dog! Today we’re going to once again revisit a previous post. This time we’ll revisit a call for help for our Hissy Fit Jones.  If you’ll recall, he seems to have a bit of a problem.  Maybe you can help. Hissy Fit Jones’ addiction

Wordless Wednesday- Educational Television

Hissy Fit Jones loves to watch TV. This is his favorite show. He’s got it bad for Princess Blossom Pepperdoodle von Yum Yum (AKA Blossom). But he’s also learning alot about science. The show is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Lil’ Hiss thinks that’s way cool! And don’t forget to enter the TinTin Giveaway!

Hissy Fit Jones on Feral Cat Care

Hissy Fit Jones Here.  I’m taking over this blog today.  Hisssssss!!!! I was born to a feral mother.  Jen took me in when I got real sick.  I’m doing good now, but I’m not the most affectionate fella in town.  Anyway, today I’m gonna talk about feral kitties. Did you know that 17 million Americans … Continue reading

We Interrupt Your Saturday Afternoon to…….

  Gentle readers: Why are you reading this blog?  Yeah….. great interviews, guest bloggers, useful information…. But why isn’t there more about ME?????? Yours truly, Hissy Fit Jones   Don’t miss today’s blog post by guest blogger Tiny Timmy- he discusses his upcoming trip to DC! Then check out the week’s other posts….. especially the … Continue reading

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