Friends Around the World- South Africa!

Oh Dog!  Another treat in store for you today!  I have the pleasure of interviewing my first South African guest today!  She is a saucy lady with lots of spirit and spunk.  I know you’re going to love her, so dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome Nuala! Rumpy:  Thank you […]

Schooling Ya on Personality!

Oh Dog!  We got a house bursting at the seams with personalities.  It sure makes for an interesting adventure. For example, June Buggie has been sneaking around the computer again.  He emailed me this picture of himself yesterday: What does that MEAN? I mean, if he doesn’t know how it works, how did he pull […]

Haiku Challenge!!

Oh Dog!  I didn’t understand why nobody had read my blog post because, frankly, I thought it was awesome!  But then it hit me…. it’s Friday!  Before a weekend!  a HOLIDAY weekend!  Nobody wants to read about a serious topic today.  So I had a pee and a breakfast and did a little thinking…… …. […]