An Update on da’ Rumpster!

People who know me, can’t help but love me! And naturally, they want to know how I’m doing since my tooth extraction. Well, since you asked, I thought I’d tell you using the favorite form of poetry of the leprechauns! . A dog we all love, known as Rumpy, was feeling a little bit grumpy. […]

A Cookie Limerick!

Oh Dog! Today I am sharing yet another in my series of love poems to cookies. Today: a limerick! My favorite thing’s the cookie. It fills me with delight and glee. I’ll sit or lie down Or follow you ’round In hopes that you’ll give one to me. And don’t forget you’ve got until midnight […]


To get you pumped up for Friday’s Limerick Challenge, here’s a couple to get you thinking.   June Buggie is a mama’s boy. His mission in life to annoy. He snuggles right in, then bites on her chin, an action that brings him great joy.   I love to watch squirrels dance in trees, run […]